Standing up for those who speak up

Around the world, writers, journalists, visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, actors, and other creative people are censored, harassed, imprisoned, or killed for speaking their minds or exercising their imaginations. Since 2001, Ithaca City of Asylum has welcomed at-risk writers and artists into the Ithaca community, connecting them with opportunities and helping them and their families meet the challenges of a new environment. Learn more.

News & events

Samarasinghe, Rumi, and ICOA featured in podcast

Former ICOA writers-in-residence Sonali Samarasinghe (2012-2014) and Raza Rumi (2015-2017) recently told their stories to the podcast Asian in Ithaca: Stories of Race, Culture & Identity. They also discussed the vital role that ICOA has played in their lives.

Pedro Molina speaks to The World

ICOA’s most recent artist-in-residence spoke with the public radio news program The World on June 25 about the troubled state of journalism and democracy in Nicaragua. He also spoke about his own situation as a dissident in exile.