Standing up for those who speak up

Around the world, writers, journalists, visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, actors, and other creative people are censored, harassed, imprisoned, or killed for speaking their minds or exercising their imaginations. Since 2001, Ithaca City of Asylum has welcomed at-risk writers and artists into the Ithaca community, connecting them with opportunities and helping them and their families meet the challenges of a new environment. Learn more.

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The Forbidden Future: ICOA presents panel at Spring Writes festival

Russian dissident poet, novelist, and satirist Dmitry Bykov says societies need writers to help them imagine the future, but “the future is the most forbidden topic” in his country. On May 13, he joined Mark Lipovetsky, director of graduate studies at Columbia University’s Department of Slavic Languages, for a wide-ranging discussion called “The Forbidden Future: Literature and Journalism in Today’s Russia.” Barbara Adams moderated. A video will be available soon.

Video: Bykov and Adams in conversation

In this video, Russian dissident writer Dmitry Bykov speaks with ICOA board member Barbara Adams at the 2022 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival at Ithaca College.