Standing up for those who speak up

Around the world, writers, journalists, visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, actors, and other creative people are censored, harassed, imprisoned, or killed for speaking their minds or exercising their imaginations. Since 2001, Ithaca City of Asylum has welcomed at-risk writers and artists into the Ithaca community, enabling them to continue their work and helping them and their families meet the challenges of a new environment. Learn more.

Imperiled writers share their stories

A series of events in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Ithaca showcased the courage of writers and artists who risk their lives in pursuit of their art and celebrated the global movement that works to protect them. Learn more.

News & Events

Remembering Russell Banks

The novelist Russell Banks died on January 7, 2023. Henry Reese, co-founder of City of Asylum Pittsburgh, remembers him as a central figure in the City of Asylum movement.

Exiled writers complete solidarity tour

Four writers who were forced to flee their home countries spent Banned Books Week on a three-city solidarity tour that included public presentations, meetings with students, social events, and other activities.

ICOA condemns Rushdie attack

In a statement, the board of directors of Ithaca City of Asylum expresses its outrage and solidarity in the wake of the August 12 stabbing of author Salman Rushdie and human rights advocate Henry Reese.