Commemorating Ten Years of Giving Voice to Freedom

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Ithaca City of Asylum (ICOA) has published the brochure Ithaca City of Asylum: Celebrating Ten Years of Giving Voice to Freedom. The brochure is a retrospective of ICOA’s work supporting writers who face political repression and offers detailed profiles of the writers who have come to Ithaca with the group’s support.

Cover, Ten Year Report

ICOA makes Ithaca one of four U.S. cities networked to support writers whose lives and creativity are at risk. Ithaca’s sister cities in this network are Pittsburgh, Miami, and Las Vegas. In the past ten years, the writers supported by ICOA include Yi Ping from China, Reza Daneshvar from Iran, Sarah Mkhonza from Swaziland, and Irakli Kakabadze from Georgia. While highlighting these four writers, the brochure also provides basic information about the organization, its funding partners, and the volunteers who work on its behalf. ICOA looks forward to continuing its work providing asylum in Ithaca.

Read about the first ten years of our history by clicking here.

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