For Giving is Gorges, support creative expression without fear

Pedro X. Molina among his portraits of Nicaraguans killed by the current regime.

When cartoonist Pedro X. Molina and his family fled Nicaragua on Christmas Day in 2018, they hoped to return after a few months. Since then, conditions for independent journalists in their country have only gotten more dangerous. If the Molinas were to try to go home today, Pedro would likely be arrested and imprisoned — or worse.

Luckily, the family found a welcoming community in Ithaca. Over the last two and a half years, Pedro has not only survived, he has thrived, publishing six cartoons a week, growing his international following, teaching college classes, and earning awards and recognition for his work. Perhaps most importantly, he has remained engaged in the vigorous debate about his country’s future.

Since 2001, ICOA has provided a lifeline to writers and artists from China, Iran, Swaziland, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nicaragua. This year, we’re helping a writer and an artist fleeing Myanmar. To continue this work, we need your help.

Today is Giving is Gorges, a community-wide day of support for grassroots groups like ours. Please make a tax-deductible donation today. Then use the hashtag #GivingIsGorges to tell the world how much you care about human rights and creative expression!

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